Advantages of Professional Crating Services

Nomad Logistics offers crating services with transparent pricing. If you are looking for a shipping method and custom crates, we offer many options to fit your needs and your wallet.

Crates are large shipping containers that get used in the shipping industry to transport heavy or large goods. A lot of these custom crates are made out of wood and designed to the size of the transport. Make sure when you are shipping, you utilize all the packaging services available.

When it comes to transporting and storage, crates are easily and safely stacked for storage. If you are shipping fragile items, it is vital to ensure they are safely fastened inside of the custom crate you are using. 

Using professional crating services is a more cost-effective method of shipping. Wooden crates get constructed through natural processes, which means lower production costs. 

Nomad Logistics Crating Services

When you choose to ship with Nomad Logistics, you get all of the perks in the shipping industry. Besides the transparent pricing we offer our clients, we set you up with the best professional crating services partner, House of Glow.

Like a lot of crating companies, Nomad Logistics offers free on-site estimates, even a “not to exceed” job bid. Our workers are all in-house W2 employees, not workers we have contracted. 

We are owner-operators of our company, giving us the competitive edge it takes to create a custom-tailored solution to your moving needs.

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Nomad Logistics’ Custom Crating Experiences

Nomad Logistics has a wide variety of experiences with office furniture manufacturers as one of the leading crating companies available. These are not the only customers that Nomad works with. We offer shipping solutions to any customers who may need it. We have a wide range of clientele.

Our packaging is provided by our partner, House of Glow, also situated in Denver, Colorado. 

House of Glow Crating Services

House of Glow’s crating services include:

  • Custom crating for valuable items such as furniture, art, collectibles, and antiques
  • Crating specialized for items ranging from lightweight to heavy and overweight equipment
  • Securing packaging with specialized packing materials to ensure safe transport
  • Design consultation and cost estimates available
  • Ability to use custom crates for large shipments
  • Depending on project size, crating can be performed either on or off-site
  • ISPM-15 certified crating, especially important when shipping internationally
  • Insurance coverage for your professionally crated shipments
  • Multiple types of shipping methods available 

Benefits of Using Nomad Logistics Crating Services

When you choose Nomad Logistics for your residential or commercial moves in the areas of Erie, Arvada, Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, CO, you get the package deal. We offer the opportunity to use one of the premier crating companies in the Denver area, House of Glow.

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Nomad Logistics provides free on-site estimates that include a “not to exceed” job bid, which means what we quote is what you pay. Customer service is our top priority and we promise to provide a professional and efficient moving experience. The more we can do for you to make your move enjoyable, the more successful we feel; we truly care about our profession and want to help you. Fill out the form below to get started today!

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