Preparing for Electronics Moving during Office Relocation

Nomad Logistics is a professional owner-operated company specializing in electronics moving and other commercial moving services, based in Erie, CO and serving the entire surrounding area.

When you are looking for a commercial moving services company, make sure that they can also provide trained staff for electronics moving. The IT equipment you need to move from the old headquarters to the new ones needs special packaging and careful handling.

An experienced electronics moving company will pay extra care during the storage, handling and transportation of your hi-tech devices, such as servers, computer monitors, printers, laptops, or projectors. They will strictly comply with your instructions concerning:

  • The ideal temperature for electronics moving
  • The correct position for placing each item in the truck
  • The exact place where each item should be unloaded at the destination.

How to Pack Electronics for Moving

Before the electronics moving team arrives on the appointed date, you should make sure that every item is properly packed and labeled. The rule of the thumb is to follow the instructions in the user’s manual and, if possible, to save the original packing for each piece of equipment.

If this is not possible, here are a few tips to prepare your IT equipment before the moving service date:

  • Computer monitors should be wrapped in soft cloth or bubble wrap before placing in the box
  • Always place large screen equipment in a vertical position
  • Use color coding to identify similar items
  • Always pack power cords, remote controls and other similar accessories together.

At the end, create a packing list detailing the contents of each box. Make sure that the person receiving the items at the destination has a copy of this list.

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