Do You Actually Need a Student Storage Company?

Nomad Logistics is a student storage company offering college students affordable and efficient solutions to keep their belongings secure while they are away during the summer holiday.

The summer holiday is almost here and you are already planning to go home. But what will you do with all the belongings in your dorm room? Do you plan to carry them with you or should you consider storage services for them? 

Hauling all your clothes, equipment, textbooks and even furniture items with you makes no sense. You will have to bring them back once the new term starts. Companies specializing in summer storage for college students exist precisely to solve this issue.

Keep Your Belongings in Secure Student Storage Facilities

Even if you have a car with a large trunk, it still does not make sense to move all your things for a few months and bring them back. They could get damaged while you are driving over bumpy roads. They could fall and break as your little brother eagerly tries to help you unload. 

Here’s the alternative: a student storage company will pick up your packed belongings and place them safely in university student storage facilities. They are secure, under lock and you get them back when you come back to college. Plus, these summer storage facilities are situated close to your college.

Thus, summer storage is the best solution: you keep your belongings close to college, and then bring them back to your dorm room with no hassle.

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Hiring a Professional Student Storage Company: Transparent Pricing and Customized Solutions

Of course, you may be wondering if your budget will take a hit from hiring a student storage company to keep your things over the summer. Nomad Logistics has a transparent pricing policy, so that every client knows exactly how much they have to pay from the start. There is no fine print, there are no extra charges.

Plus, our secure student storage services are customizable to suit your needs. We can help you with packing your belongings, or we can send our team to pick up your already packaged items.

Work with a Trustworthy Student Storage Company 

Nomad Logistics is the professional summer storage company dedicated to keeping your belongings secure over the holiday. We offer our student storage services in Erie, Arvada, Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, CO and have our offices at 3000 Airport Dr, Unit 404, Erie CO 80516!

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