Colorado’s Best Equipment Movers

Nomad Logistics has the experience and expertise to offer equipment movers and commercial moving services in the Colorado areas of Erie, Arvada, Boulder, Longmont, and Broomfield.

One of Colorado’s leading commercial moving services is Nomad Logistics. Nomad Logistics is an owner-operated all-inclusive moving service provider that offers services in the following Colorado cities:

  • Erie
  • Arvada
  • Boulder
  • Longmont
  • Broomfield

The primary services provided by Nomad Logistics are residential and commercial moving. Commercial moves also include office and equipment moving. Nomad Logistics offers transparent pricing for all jobs, meaning that we don’t charge any hidden fees when choosing us to be your heavy equipment movers.

Benefits of Hiring an Equipment Moving Company

Equipment moving companies are experts in their industry. These workers are the ones who have experience handling larger equipment and other types of machinery that needs to be moved when factories or offices relocate.

Professionals Protect Equipment

When you hire a professional to move your equipment, you are getting experts who know how to keep it safe before, during, and after transport. Heavy equipment movers have to understand the machinery and other types of equipment they have to move. Through this understanding, it is easier for professionals to move the equipment than for you to try and do it yourself.

Access To Specialty Equipment

Professional moving companies have access to specialty equipment that move oversized equipment easier than trying to do it on your own. The types of specialty equipment used by equipment movers include:

  • Hoisting straps
  • Dollies
  • Ramps
  • Custom trucks
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Avoid Injury

When you try to move heavy equipment by yourself, you can end up hurting yourself. Even with another person helping if neither of you knows the correct way to handle equipment loads, personal injury can occur. Hiring professional equipment movers saves you from being injured.

Save Time

Heavy equipment moving company is skilled in the art of moving. These movers can get their truck loaded and moved in a fraction of the time it would take you to try to accomplish the same tasks. 

Hire A Company You Can Trust

Nomad Logistics offers free estimates for all of your heavy equipment moving needs. You can reach us at 303-250-2481 to schedule your free estimate and find out why Colorado trusts Nomad Logistics with all its moving needs!

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Nomad Logistics provides free on-site estimates that include a “not to exceed” job bid, which means what we quote is what you pay. Customer service is our top priority and we promise to provide a professional and efficient moving experience. The more we can do for you to make your move enjoyable, the more successful we feel; we truly care about our profession and want to help you. Fill out the form below to get started today!

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